Beech BaguaWelcome to You All!

I have been offering Massage Therapy and instruction in the Taoist Health and Healing arts since about 1990 in Marin County and the East Bay, near San Francisco, CA.  I have benefited from these practices more than words can say  and I hope to convey some part of that to you here.

This site is given first to exploring and communicating in useable form the finer points of Massage Therapy, or Manual Medicine, from the Eastern and Western perspectives such as Tui Na and Osteopathy.

The second focus is on the Classical Taoist health & longevity arts of Chi Gung/Qigong and Tai Chi, which we might call the Chinese exercise systems,  also communicated in a useable form.

The ancient Taoists researched and developed these arts over many centuries and I consider them to be the gold standard even today.   Their other areas of research and development have been the seemingly incompatible arts of fighting, sexuality and meditation.  Occasionally I will post columns on these fields, or link to my colleagues who have more expertise than I.

So  I might think I have something to share but I may have no clue what you want to hear, so by all means Ask.  I have distilled out material of interest to me, but I’m more interested in addressing issues of concern to you.    You can write me here:   felipemck@yahoo.com