Beech BaguaI  practice and teach the Classical Taoist health and healing arts because they are so effective at cultivating internal health.  As we become more physically, energetically, mentally and emotionally healthy we naturally live more conscious, compassionate lives.

Taoism in ancient China produced an extensive body of knowledge in the art of how energy moves in the human body. Today these arts enable practitioners to develop excellent health and longevity, as well as serenity and presence of mind. The key is doing exercises that are simple, easy, effective and practical.

The most well known of these are called Chi Gung/Qigong and Tai Chi. I offer instruction in these exercises which have been distilled and refined over countless generations.

Massage Therapy is the art of softening and adjusting the physical body and energy to produce relaxation, rehabilitation, balance and health. Here too, the Taoists developed numerous practical techniques, which are the foundation of my work.

The collective body of these is known as Tui Na, and the energetic aspects are called Chi Gung Tui Na. From the Western tool box I use the very effective Osteopathic methods such as cranio-sacral and visceral manipulation.