Massage Therapy

I began studying Swedish and Deep Tissue in 1985, took up Acupressure and Tui Na (Classical Chinese) in 1987, and Qi Gong Tui Na (the energy techniques) in 1990. The hands-on therapies have been my main profession, and passion, for over 30 years. Most recently I have been studying Osteopathic techniques, such as cranio-sacral and visceral manipulation, The learning never stops; there is always a better way to help my clients be more healthy, and, as my mother used to say “I just love to fix things.”

Of course each session is tailored to fit your individual needs. Most everything can be done through clothing so disrobing is not required.

Schedule    Call 415 306-2689
Monday-Wednesday: 3409 Grand Av. #9, Oakland CA (Lake Merritt area) 
Thursday, Friday: 40 Pt. San Pedro Rd., San Rafael, CA 
Weekends: “Simply Inspired” Spa, Mill Valley, CA  415 383 8260

Here is a rather lengthy description of Qi Gong Tui Na.   

Ken Pitts “Phil has been by main massage therapist for 20+ years. He has seen me through several injuries and I feel like he ‘recalibrates’ my energy. While I’ve had to cut out many costs, he is one I can’t afford to eliminate.”  Master Kenneth Pitts, Martial Arts Instructor